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TLC Trick-or-Treat Hours: Halloween safety urged


Halloween’s spirit is frighteningly alive at the Time Saver convenience store at the state line near Tabor City. Employee Donna Barnes gets credit as Head Ghoul, responsible for some elaborate decorations, with the rest of the staff well dressed for the holiday, including, from left, Salena Donahue, manager Richard Prince, Maggie Grainger, Donna Barnes, and Ariell Watts. (Deuce Niven, TLT)

     Trick-or-Treating has officially begun in Tabor City, and gets started in Loris at 6 p.m., local laws in both municipalities calling for an end of the fright-night fun at 8 p.m.

     There are no formal trick-or-treating hours in rural Columbus and Horry counties, though law enforcement in the area will be looking out for the safety of young and old, and encouraging parents and guardians to keep an eye one those reveling in the Halloween fun.

     With Halloween here, it is crucial to know which houses children may want to avoid when trick-or-treating., the Horry County Sheriff’s Office says.

    Sex offender registry websites are available throughout the nation, including this from the Horry County Sheriff’s Office here, and this from the North Carolina SBI through the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office here.

     Citizens can research neighborhoods and addresses important to them, and register to receive e-mail notifications on registered sex offenders within proximity of any address.

     The most beneficial aspect of the address monitoring feature is that once your important addresses and e-mail address have been registered, the system will automatically alert you via e-mail when an offender moves within a specified radius of the registered address.

     Register any and all addresses where your children spend a lot of time; for example friends, grandparents, or babysitter’s addresses.

     Registering for confidential e-mail alerts allows anyone to monitor important addresses, thereby keeping the public up to date of newly registered offenders and making it unnecessary to check these addresses daily or even weekly.

     View and print important safety tips to review with your children from these websites.

     “Community Notification” empowers you with the knowledge that can be used to protect yourself and your family from becoming victims, the Horry Sheriff news release said. “We firmly believe that the more educated and aware a community is of what and where the dangers could be, the more success we have with our community notification program.”