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‘Night club’ operator and fugitive patron arrested in Fair Bluff

Mack Vay Edwards


     A search warrant served at a Fair Bluff “night club” netted criminal charges for the alleged operator and a patron with an 18-year-old warrant outstanding against him, a Columbus County Sheriff’s Office news release said Wednesday.

     Mack Vay Edwards, 42, of West Goodman Street in Fair Bluff; and Nehemiah Levon Myers, 39, of Lisa Lane, Green Sea; were each arrested after sheriff’s Vice-Narcotics Unit detectives and NC Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) agents served the search warrant.

     Edwards was charged by ALE with possession and sale of alcoholic beverages without a permit and possession of spirituous liquor on premises not authorized by ABC Law. His bond was set at $1,000.

Nehemiah Levon Myers

     Myers was charged on a 2001 warrant for felony possession of cocaine, and with carrying a concealed weapon after investigators found him carrying a gun. His bond was set at $2,000.

     Undercover agents purchased alcoholic beverages in the Goodman Street home during their investigation, the news release said.

     As law enforcement arrived the night club was open for business with 30 to 40 patrons inside.

     “Investigators seized a large quantity of alcoholic beverages and two concealed firearms,” the news release said.

     “Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and Alcohol Law Enforcement will continue to work together to shut down illegal establishments in Columbus County,” Sheriff Jody Greene said. “Illegal establishments, like this one, serve as safe havens for those involved in other illegal activity, like drugs and gang activity.

     “I will not tolerate safe havens for criminals.  However, I do fully support local businesses that operate legally and have all the required permits.”