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Stallion drive-in grad plans finalized


     Drive-In Graduation plans have been finalized at South Columbus High School, commencement set to begin at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 23, on the school football field.

     It will be a decidedly different experience for the Stallion Class of 2020, with extremely limited in-person attendance, and multiple ways to view or listen in on the proceedings live including:

  • On the radio at 89.9
  • South Columbus Facebook page
  • Columbus County Schools Facebook page
  • CCS Twitter
  • CCS YouTube
  • CCS Roku
  • Spectrum Channel 1304
  • ATMC TV Channel 97

Staggered arrival

     Only graduates and their parents/guardians will be allowed on campus for graduation.

     As commencement begins, some students will just be arriving. That’s by design, to limit the wait time.

     Seniors with the last names Andrews through Jordan should be at South Columbus at 7 a.m., reporting to the student parking lot, the north entrance on US 701..

     Seniors with the last names Larrimore through Wright should arrive at 8 a.m., also reporting to the student parking lot.

One senior, one vehicle

     Each senior is allowed one vehicle, with everyone inside. No open Jeeps, truck beds, buses or RVs are allowed, loud music and loud mufflers is also prohibited.

     Seniors should sit in the back seat, behind the driver, to make the process go more smoothly.

     As each graduate arrives, they will be given a number to be placed in the vehicle windshield, and directed to the student parking lot. Faculty will take charge of the line-up process.

     Four cars will be allowed onto the track at the football field, where the stage will be erected, at a time. Faculty members will open each of the four vehicle doors, the seniors then proceeding to the stage maintaining six feet of social distance.

     Only seniors will be allowed out of the car, family members must stay inside.

     Once each senior receives the diploma, he or she will return to the car, all four cars to leave at the same time, the next four to enter.

     Seniors will then proceed to the senior tent, beside the cafeteria, to receive their packet, then to leave the campus.

Dress code and more

     There is a graduation dress code and more information on a Drive-In Graduation 2020 fact sheet prepared by the schools, and a map that should help clarify the plan.

     See the map above. For the downloadable fact sheet click here.