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Horry’s COVID case count tops 10K, again; slower climb in CC


     COVID cases continue to climb in area counties, 35 more confirmed in Columbus, with a confusing picture painted by the numbers for Horry.

     This post will cover these topics and may be updated:

  • Horry’s COVID case count tops 10K, again
  • Columbus records 13 COVD cases since Thursday

Horry’s COVID case count tops 10K, again

     COVID-19’s case count among Horry County residents has topped 10,000, just a week after hitting the same milestone, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control data shows.

     No clear explanation of the data discrepancies has been given by DHEC, beyond a response that case numbers fluctuate as the residency status of individual patients is confirmed and corrected.

     DHEC reported 47 newly confirmed coronavirus cases among Horry residents on Sunday, but showed a pandemic total of 10,009, 128 higher than the agency reported on Saturday.

     DHEC on Saturday showed a newly confirmed COVID associated death involving an Horry resident, though it’s pandemic total count did not reflect that until Sunday, the pandemic total now at 185.

     DHEC data last Sunday showed 21 new infections for Horry that lifted the pandemic total to 10,012, 8 cases added last Monday before a several day decline in pandemic total numbers, while reporting newly confirmed cases each day, that reduction ending with Saturday’s 9,881 total.

     Zip Code data Sunday showed the Loris Zip Code with six newly confirmed COVID cases Sunday, Green Sea with one. Neither area had shown any new cases since Thursday.

     South Carolina has recorded 146,576 COVID cases during the pandemic, 3,255 deaths, those numbers up by 619 and 12 respectively since Saturday.

     Statewide 599 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus Sunday, that number down by 87 from Saturday.

Columbus records 13 COVD cases since Thursday

     COVID-19’s climb in Columbus County has been slow in recent days, 13 newly confirmed cases since Thursday, data from the NC Department of Health and Human Services showed Sunday.

     Daily DHHS data typically lags behind that from the Columbus County, currently released each Monday and Thursday, the state’s latest numbers showing 1,422 confirmed COVID cases with the county’s count at 1,419 Thursday.

     There have been no new COVID deaths indicated in the state’s data, the county total at 57.

     Zip Code data, provided only by DHHS, shows five newly confirmed COVID cases from the Whiteville area since Thursday, three from Chadbourn, two each from Tabor City and Lake Waccamaw, one each from Clarendon and Delco.

     North Carolina recorded 610 new COVID infections and 5 related deaths Sunday, pandemic totals now at 217,496 and 3,634 respectively. Statewide 907 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus, that number down 14 from Saturday.


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