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COVID claims 63rd Columbus life; infections surge in CC, Horry


     Another COVID-19 death of a Columbus County resident comes as 73 cases of the virus in the county have been confirmed since Thursday, and amid an uptick of new infections in Horry.

     This post will cover these topics and may be updated:

  • COVID claims Columbus resident, 73 more cases since Thursday
  • Horry infections up by 80 since Saturday

COVID claims Columbus resident, 73 more cases since Thursday

     COVID-19 claimed its 63rd Columbus County life on Monday, as cases of the coronavirus surged with 73 confirmed cases Thursday, the Columbus County Health Department reported,

     Those cases bring the pandemic total of confirmed COVID cases for the county to 1,816. Like most of the county’s residents claimed by the disease, the person who died Monday was in a hospital, the health department reported.

     Newly confirmed cases included 6 more after Thursday’s health department update, 38 on Friday, 14 Saturday, none Sunday, and 15 today (Monday).

     Outbreaks at Tabor Correctional Institution and Columbus Correctional Institution involve 43 of the 73 newly confirmed cases, the health department reported. NC Department of Health and Human Services guidelines require that those cases be included in the county’s COVID-19 total.

     An increase in positive tests and active cases at TCI was shown by the state’s Department of Public Safety Monday. Six newly confirmed cases, eight more active cases were shown since Saturday. Totals Monday were 107 confirmed infections, 69 cases currently active.

     “There are currently ten Columbus County residents that are hospitalized due to COVID-19,” the health department report said.

     Zip Code data from DHHS indicates new cases from the prisons were reported late last week, with 14 of the new cases shown since Saturday. DHHS data often lags that released by the county, but the local health department reports its data twice weekly, each Monday and Thursday.

     Zip Code data showed the Tabor City area with six newly confirmed COVID cases since Saturday, Whiteville up by three, Clarendon and Chadbourn with increases of one case each.

     Pandemic total cases/deaths for those area, DHHS data sowed Monday, are Tabor City, 298/19; Whiteville, 548/15; Clarendon, 68/2; and Chadbourn, 215/8.

     North Carolina recorded 1,336 new COVID infections Monday, and 7 related deaths, bringing those pandemic totals to 278,028 and 4,390 respectively. Statewide 1,146 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus, that number up by 24 from Sunday.

Horry infections up by 80 since Saturday

     An uptick in COVID-19 infections among Horry County residents continues this week, with more than 80 confirmed cases since Saturday, state Department of Health and Environmental Control data shows.

     Confirmed COVID cases for Horry rose by 47 in Sunday’s data, 35 on Monday, bringing the pandemic total to 11,717, the DHEC data showed. No new cases were reported for the Loris or Green Sea Zip Codes, those pandemic totals at 679 and 61 respectively.

     South Carolina has recorded 170,048 COVID cases during the pandemic, 3,697 deaths, those numbers up by 785 and 10 respectively since Sunday.

     Statewide 749 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus Saturday, that number down by 24 from Sunday.


     Look for continuing coverage on local impacts from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak here and in the Tabor-Loris Tribune in print and online.