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Inmate overdose death prompts TCI investigation


     A correctional officer at Tabor Correctional Institution is under investigation following the overdose death of an inmate there, the Tabor City Police Department reports.

     That investigation includes support from the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), Maj. Russell Conway of the TCPD said Monday.

     Dustin D. Goodson, 31, suffered an apparent overdose on Nov. 12 and was taken by ambulance to McLeod Loris hospital, where he was later declared brain dead, his body sustained by life support measures so that his wish to be an organ donor could be honored, a report by TCPD Capt. Christopher Hilburn said.

     Though a death certificate was signed earlier, Goodson’s organs were harvested and life support discontinued late Friday or early Saturday, Maj. Conway said Monday.

     Jamie Bullard, a TCI supervisor, reported the inmate overdose to Tabor City police on Nov. 16, the report said. Bullard identified a correctional officer and another inmate suspected of involvement in supplying Goodman with the drugs.

     Though the report identified both suspects, Tabor-Loris Tribune does not typically identify criminal suspects unless, or until they are formally charged.

     That officer is not Wesley Thompson, who was charged by the TCPD with trafficking synthetic cannabinoids inside TCI. Thompson is not mentioned in the report related to Goodson’s death, and the officer named in the Goodman report is not mentioned in reports involving Thompson.

     Look for much more on this story in this week’s Tabor-Loris Tribune, in print and online, published a day early (Tuesday, Nov. 23) due to Thanksgiving.