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Robber demands cash already taken


    Thieves who robbed Norris County Store near Tabor City Wednesday apparently did not communicate well with each other, Capt. David Nobles of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.
    One man entered the store on NC 904 East just after 8:15 p.m. Wednesday, walked up to the clerk, put a gun to her head, and demanded all of the store’s money.
    “He marched her up to the cash register and she handed him the money,” Nobles said.
    After the women complied the robber left the store, and a second man walked in, also demanding cash.
    “The second guy did not show a gun,” Nobles said. “But he told her to give him the money, and she told him the first guy got it all.”
    Both men left the store property together, and were apparently picked up a short distance away, Nobles said.
    A total of three people were in the store, the clerk and two customers, Nobles said. No one was hurt.

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