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We can’t give it away forever

…but we will this month
    There’s an old sales adage with more than a grain of truth: You can’t sell what you are giving away.
    Newspapers across this country and around the world have learned that lesson as access to information has been transformed by the Internet.
    Online access to Tabor-Loris Tribune has been free through 2012. As we begin 2013, we are shifting our subscription model to reflect the new fiscal reality.
    We know we offer news, opinion and information just for the Tabor-Loris Community and surrounding areas, and are grateful for subscribers and advertisers who make this business possible.
    So, beginning today, access to this website is password protected. Effective Feb. 1, access will be available only to subscribers.
    New subscribers have options to purchase our print edition only, online access only, or discounted online access coupled with the print edition. See the “Subscribe to newspaper” tab at the top of every online page, or call 910-653-3153 and ask for subscriptions.
    We are also happy to pro-rate online access for existing print subscribers who want on-line access also. Call subscriptions at the number above.
    In the meantime, for the rest of January, we will continue to offer online access free for everyone. Just enter “January” as the user name, and “Ends 01/31” as the password.
    Thanks for reading.

Deuce Niven
General Manager/Editor

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