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Mapping project decision easy

Register of Deeds Kandance Bullock


    Cheaper, faster, and local, the decision on who will computerize maps at the Columbus County Register of Deeds’ office seemed a no-brainer for its director.
    Register of Deeds Kandance Bullock told county commissioners Monday that the $29,295 bid from Business Information Systems (BIS), which already handles computerized records in her office, was about $2,000 less than a $31,000 bid from a rival company, Virtual Business Technology.
    Virtual Business also wanted to take the county’s tax maps to its South Carolina offices for the project, which they estimated would take 11 months, Bullock said.
    BIS said it would do the work in the Register of Deeds’ office in two months.
    If the county chose the Virtual Tech officer, Bullock said, BIS would have to convert the documents for use on the equipment it already has in place at the Register of Deeds’ office.
    State funds earmarked to preserve documents through technology will pay for the project, Bullock said.

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