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Fabry awareness is her mission


    Raising awareness of a rare kidney disease is the mission of Tabor City native Joyce Ann Gore-Gonzalez.
    Gore-Gonzalez has launched a petition drive at, urging North Carolina to follow the example set by other states requiring newborn screening for Fabry Disease.
    To view the petition, and join in click here.
    While the disease directly impacts the kidneys, its victims suffer “the body as a whole,” Gore-Gonzalez said in a letter to this newspaper (see the letter on Page 5 today). Experimental treatment is helping her 12-year-old daughter Hannah.
    “Without the treatment my daughter couldn’t sweat,” Gore-Gonzalez wrote. “With treatment she is living the possibility of happy life.”
    Gore-Gonzalez is no stranger to the cost of this disease. She’s lost her father, the late Dennis Earl Milligran, and an uncle, William Alton Milligan, to Fabry Disease.
    Gore-Gonzalez invites to join the USA Fabry Awareness Club on Facebook.

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