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Commissioners call in Nakina Fire & Rescue records


    Frustrated with months of futile efforts to bring competing factions of Nakina Fire & Rescue’s leadership together, Columbus County Commissioners on Monday said they want to see the department’s financial records.
    Commissioners Monday said that that they wanted a look at the department’s financial records, and invoked a provision in the county’s contract with the department allowing county officials a complete look at the department’s books with five days notice.
    County Attorney Mike Stevens said he would prepare the notice, and commissioners said they want county Finance Officer Bobbie Faircloth to review the records and report to the board.
    “It’s really a disgrace to the fire and rescue squads in the county that we have this going on,” commissioner Buddy Byrd said of the ongoing dispute.
    For more on this story see the Aug. 7 Tabor-Loris Tribune print edition.

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