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‘Locktoberfest’ drug sweep snares 37 of 52


    An unplanned early start to the day was a little less than pleasant for dozens of men and women caught up in a drug sweep dubbed “Locktoberfest” Tuesday morning, Lt. Steven Worthington of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office said.
    “We woke up some of them,” Worthington said. “I guess they thought they had some early customers.
    About 30 deputies, including the entire Narcotics Division at the Sheriff’s Office and patrol deputies, fanned out across the county after a 5 a.m. briefing, Worthington said. They had 52 warrants, and by mid-afternoon deputies had 37 in custody.
    Warrants reflected drug buys made by undercover officers during a two-month long operation, Worthington said.
    “Ninety percent of the warrants were for trafficking,” Worthington said, “the majority for pills.”
    For more on this story see the Oct. 30 Tabor-Loris Tribune print edition.

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