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No change: TC mixed drink vote fails

Elections officials involved in Tuesday’s recounts included (from left) Tabor City elections judge Lanny Ford, Chadbourn Chief Judge Doug Britt, Chadbourn Judge Doris Dees, Columbus County Board of Elections Supervisor Carla Strickland, Tabor City Chief Judge Amy Grainger, and Tabor City Judge Tommy Spivey. (Deuce Niven photo)


    With 134 votes against, 133 for, the mixed drink referendum defeat for Tabor City was upheld on a recount conducted Monday at the Columbus County Board of Elections.
    There were no changes in the vote totals from election day, provisional ballots, or early voting.
    There was a one-vote change in a Chadbourn Town Council recount, with second-place finisher David Worley picking up the single ballot to defeat James Green in the race for two seats 183-180.
    For more on the recount see the Nov. 20 Tabor-Loris Tribune print edition.

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