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Moving on, in more ways than one

    Moving a house built by students of Ronald Carteret at South Columbus High School was more than just a routine job for Milligan House Movers of Tabor City.
    It also marked a return to active work by Patrick Milligan, son of company founder Henry Milligan and Lou Floy Milligan.
    “The ‘miracle man’ is back,” Patrick’s mother said.
    Patrick and Billy Joe McDuffie were critically injured when their trucks collided in a heavy rain near Tabor City last Aug. 20. Both have endured long recoveries.
    Milligan and his crew moved the house from the school, through Tabor City, and on to Dothan Thursday morning. Mitchell Prince was the high bidder for the house during a recent auction held on the SCHS campus.
    Look for more from Lou Floy Milligan in the July 23 Tabor-Loris Tribune in print and online.

(Deuce Niven photo)

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