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Commisioners issue Dixie challenge

    Dipping into their own pockets, Columbus County Commissioners on Monday challenged others across the county to help fund the Columbus County Jr. Dixie Boys All-Stars as they travel to the Dixie Boys World Series in Louisiana.
    Making the 14-hour one-way trip to Bosser City, Louisana, playing in the 12-team double-elimination tournament, and getting home will host the team some $10,000, commissioner’s chairman Edwin Russ said as he issued a $100 challenge to fellow board members.
    Most members nodded in agreement, with commissioner Buddy Byrd vocal in his support, as long as county funds were not expended.
    “I challenge everyone in Columbus County to support the team,” commissioner Byrd said. “I’m always willing to support, as long as we don’t spend county money and open up that can of worms.”
    “We have players from every town in the county,” team spokesman Robert Lewis told commissioners. “We really appreciate your support.”
    Opening ceremonies are Aug. 1, with the North Carolina champions from Columbus County to play Mississippi at 4 p.m. on Aug. 2. – Deuce Niven

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