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Yam Fest off to a sweet start

Auctioneer Jack Miller and Miss North Carolina Beth Stovall have a good time getting bids for Clara Naughton’s fourth place youth division sweet potato entry during Tuesday’s auction and worker appreciation event. (Deuce Niven photo)


    A sweet evening of tribute to the volunteers who make the North Carolina Yam Festival run in Tabor City was made even sweeter with $14,200 generated through the auction sale of prize winning sweet potatoes Tuesday.
    Brenden Jones, the GOP candidate for the N.C. House of Representatives seat now held by Ken Waddell, paid $1,700 for the first place adult bushel of sweet potatoes grown by a smiling Sawyer Strickland.
    Another $1,600 came from the first place youth division entry from Mason Miller with D.C. Cox Agency and Columbus Trading Post and Columbus County Farm Bureau joining forces on the bid.
    Festival festivities are off to a good start, starting with Saturday’s Yam Festival pageant. Look for details on that, and much of this week’s events, in the 36-page special section inside today’s Tabor-Loris Tribune print-edition, and more on this story in print and online.

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