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Stolen embalming fluid a deadly threat: TCPD


    Embalming fluid stolen from a local mortuary has a Tabor City Police Department detective worried about the potentially deadly consequences.
    Westside Funeral Home was the target of a Monday night break-in, with a dozen 16-ounce bottles of embalming fluid worth $140 reported stolen, Capt. Greg Sibbett said.
    “This is something that some people spray on marijuana,” Sibbett said. “It’s poisonous, it can be fatal if ingested. It can cause skin burns, allergic reactions, damage to the organs if inhaled or swallowed, and cancer.
    “There was a rash of embalming fluid thefts a few years ago, but it seemed to die out because, frankly, people were dying.”
    Anyone with information on the break-in, theft, of embalming fluid is asked to contact the Tabor City Police Department at 910-653-3149.

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