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Sheriff asks SBI to help find missing money


    Some money is missing from a file in the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office evidence room, and the SBI has been asked to try to help find it, Sheriff Lewis Hatcher said Monday.
    Hatcher said a “small amount” of money “has possibly been misplaced. We can’t find it right now.”
    There has been no request to investigate any current or former Sheriff’s Office employees, Hatcher said. He said the money is from a case that is about five years old, perhaps older. He would not identify the case, or be more specific about the amount of money involved.
    Only two employees have had access to the evidence room during that time, Detective Capt. David Nobles who resigned from the post effective Sept. 18, and Roy Norris, a retired law enforcement officer now a civilian employee who helps log in evidence, Hatcher said.
    “These are people and people make mistakes,” Hatcher said. “I hope the SBI will be able to find this money, it could be misplaced in a wrong file.”
    For more on this story see Wednesday’s Tabor-Loris Tribune in print and online.

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