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COVID caution in schools as case climb slows


     COVID-19 found its way into at least two Columbus County schools, another in Whiteville and a charter school, which is expected to have school leaders especially vigilant as the second week begins Monday.

     That comes as new case numbers slowed in both Columbus and Horry counties during the weekend.

This post will cover these topics and may be updated:

  • Schools are COVID cautious as Columbus case climb slows
  • Just 15 new coronavirus cases in Horry

Schools are COVID cautious as Columbus case climb slows

     Students and Old Dock Elementary in the Columbus County School System and at Edgewood Elementary in the Whiteville City Schools tested positive for COVID-19 in the first week of school, prompting quarantine orders that we more far reaching at Old Dock.

     Meanwhile one person involved in Kindergarten, another involved in the sixth grade at Columbus Charter School are isolating after testing positive for the coronavirus, though the school’s headmaster would not say if either was a student or faculty member, The News Reporter in Whiteville reported.

     At Old Dock a pre-school student whose family was awaiting results of COVID-19 tests after an exposure sent the child to school, and learned later in the day that the tests were positive, Supt. Deanne Meadows said. Nine members of the class, a teacher, an aide, and a bus driver were ordered to quarantine after a Columbus County Health Department investigation.

     A staff member at East Columbus Junior and Senior High has also tested positive, with those who have had close contact ordered to quarantine for 14 days. No students had close contact with the staff member.

     There appear to be encouraging trends related to the pandemic in the count this weekend, a short snapshot with only four newly confirmed COVID-19 cases between Saturday and Sunday, data from the state’s Department of Health and Human Services showed.

     DHHS data is posted online daily, while Columbus County Health Department updates are issues on Monday and Thursday each week.

     Columbus County crossed the 1,000 case pandemic total threshold at mid-week last week, and on Sunday the DHHS listed the total at 1,040 with 50 deaths, the most recent two reported Monday.

     North Carolina reported 1,472 new COVID infections and 10 related deaths from Saturday to Sunday, the pandemic total now 155,113 and 2,531 respectively.

     Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 were down by 98 from Saturday to Sunday, the total now 898.

Just 15 new coronavirus cases in Horry

     Positive pandemic signs for Horry continued Sunday with the fewest newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in a single day in months, just 15, data posted by the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control showed.

     None of the newly confirmed cases were from the Loris or Green Sea areas, Zip Code data indicated.

     For Horry the pandemic toll reached 9,037 confirmed cases, with 168 related deaths, one newly reported Saturday.

     DHEC reported 19 confirmed cases for the county, but it’s day-to-day data indicated the increase was 15. DHEC leaders have previously said the day-to-day comparisons are likely more accurate.

     Statewide South Carolina reported 663 new COVID cases and 8 new deaths Sunday, the pandemic totals now 110,658 and 2,380 respectively.

     There were 1,026 COVID patients being treated in South Carolina hospitals Sunday. That was just one more than Saturday.


     Look for continuing coverage on local impacts from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak here and in the Tabor-Loris Tribune in print and online.