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COVID-19 claims two more in Horry, case surge continues in area


     Two more Horry County lives have been claimed by COVID-19 while a surge in confirmed cases continues there and in Columbus, state data from the Carolinas shows.

     This post will cover these topics and may be updated:

  • Coronavirus claims two more in Horry, infections up
  • Columbus COVID cases up by 81 this weekend

Coronavirus claims two more in Horry, infections up

     COVID-19 has claimed two more Horry County lives, the pandemic total now 216, data this weekend from South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control shows.

     Both deaths, revealed by online DHEC data Saturday, involved elderly individuals and took place on Nov. 11 and 13.

     A surge in cases across Horry continues unabated, the DHEC data showed, with 251 newly confirmed infections since Thursday.

     Zip Code data showed seven of those new case in the Loris area, two in Green Sea. Pandemic total COVID cases, as of Sunday, are 12,521 for Horry County, 717 for the Loris Zip Code, 66 for Green Sea.

     South Carolina has recorded 184,360 COVID cases during the pandemic, 3,846 deaths, those numbers up by 3,846 and 2 respectively since Saturday.

     Statewide 752 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus Sunday, that number down by 29 from Saturday.

Columbus COVID cases up by 81 this weekend

     Coronavirus infections continue to climb more rapidly in Columbus County, at nearly three times the average daily rate for most of October, with 81 newly confirmed COVID infections since Thursday, state Department of Health and Environmental Control show.

     There have been no new COVID associated deaths recorded in that period, the DHHS data shows, the Columbus pandemic total at 67.

     A surge of cases at Tabor Correctional Institution has continued during the weekend, with 12 additional inmates testing positive for the virus since Thursday, the total now 306, state Department of Public Safety data shows. Active cases at TCI have fallen by 24 during the period, to 198, though it is not clear from the data if that reflects inmates recovered from the virus, transferred or released, or some combination.

     One additional inmate at Columbus Correctional Institution near Brunswick has tested positive, the DPS data shows, bringing the totals to 40 inmates with positive tests and 6 active COVID cases at the facility.

     Zip Code data from DHHS shows COVID cases spread almost entirely through the county, with the Evergreen area the only one without a newly confirmed case since Thursday.

     That data shows the Whiteville area with the sharpest rise in new COVID cases, 30 since Thursday, followed by Tabor City with 17. Tabor City totals reflect cases at TCI, while Columbus Correctional is located in the Whiteville Zip Code.

     Chadbourn has recorded eleven newly confirmed cases since Thursday, the DHHS Zip Code data showed; Clarendon, Hallsboro and Riegelwood with five cases each; Nakina, Fair Bluff and Lake Waccamaw each with three new cases, and single newly confirmed infections in the Cerro Gordo, Bolton and Delco areas.

     Tabor City, the Zip Code data shows, has recorded 623 cases and 20 death, Whiteville 619 cases and 16 deaths.

     North Carolina recorded 3,117 new COVID infections Saturday, and 50 associated deaths, bringing those pandemic totals to 312,235 and 4,806 respectively. Statewide 1,395 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus, that number down by 30 from Saturday.


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