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Three more COVID deaths in Horry, surge shows signs of slowing in Columbus


     COVID-19 has claimed the lives of three more Horry County residents, while a surge in Columbus County appears to have slowed a bit, data from state and local health officials showed Monday.

     This post will cover these topics and may be updated:

  • Three more coronavirus deaths in Horry
  • COVID surge shows signs of slowing in Columbus

Three more coronavirus deaths in Horry

     Another three elderly Horry County residents have died of COVID-19 associated illness, South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control reported Monday.

     Two of those deaths took place on Nov. 8, the third on Nov. 10, the daily DHEC update showed, bringing the total to 219 Horry lives lost to the disease during the pandemic.

     Another 66 Horry residents have tested positive for the virus, the DHEC data showed. Four newly reported COVID cases are from the Loris Zip Code, three from Green Sea. That brings the pandemic total of coronavirus cases to 12,587 for Horry County, 721 for Loris, and 69 for Green Sea.

     South Carolina has recorded 185,390 COVID cases during the pandemic, 3,873 deaths, those numbers up by 981 and 27 respectively since Sunday.

     Statewide 769 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus Monday, that number up by 17 from Sunday.

COVID surge shows signs of slowing in Columbus

     A marked decrease in newly confirmed COVID-19 cases for Columbus County, reflected by a slowing of an outbreak at Tabor Correctional Institution, was reported by the Columbus County Health Department Monday.

     A total of 65 newly confirmed cases since Thursday’s Health Department report were listed in the latest document, bringing the county’s pandemic total to 2,249 COVID-19 cases, 67 associated deaths of county residents.

     There were no new deaths in the latest report, while ten Columbus residents are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19.

     Eight cases were confirmed after Thursdays report was released, twenty-two on Friday, fourteen Saturday, four on Sunday, and seventeen today (Monday), the health department reported.

     “Of the 65 new COVID-19 cases, eight can be attributed to correctional facilities in Columbus County,” the health department reported.

     That’s sharply lower than on Thursday, when the health department reported 191 new cases since the previous Monday, 93 from Tabor Correctional Institution and Columbus Correctional Institution combined.

     TCI has by far the largest outbreak of the two prisons in Columbus County, and the largest current outbreak in the state, with 224 active cases and 333 inmates who have tested positive for the virus during the pandemic, Monday’s data from the NC Department of Public Safety shows.

     That data indicates the surge at TCI is not over, with 27 newly confirmed cases in Monday’s update, which was updated after the Columbus County Health Department report. Active cases were up by 26 at TCI in Monday’s update.

     Columbus Correctional has five active cases with forty inmates testing positive for the virus during pandemic.

     Zip Code data posted daily by the state Department of Health and Human Services showed the Whiteville area with five newly confirmed cases since Sunday, Tabor City and Chadbourn with two each, Fair Bluff with one. Pandemic total cases/deaths for those Zip Codes, as of Monday, are Tabor City, 625/20; Whiteville, 623/16; Chadbourn, 242/8; and Fair Bluff, 59/4.

     North Carolina recorded 1,972 new COVID infections Monday, and 8 associated deaths, bringing those pandemic totals to 314,207 and 4,814 respectively. Statewide 1,424 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus, that number up by 29 from Sunday.


     Look for continuing coverage on local impacts from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak here and in the Tabor-Loris Tribune in print and online.