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Two COVID deaths per day in Horry, Columbus surge continues


     Horry County’s COVID-19 death toll has risen by two per day during the past two days while Columbus County’s coronavirus surge has continued, with 45 newly confirmed cases since Thursday.

     This post will cover these topics and may be updated:

  • Horry COVID death toll reaches 225
  • Columbus coronavirus case count up by 85 in two days

Horry virus death toll reaches 225

     Four newly confirmed COVID-19 associated deaths of Horry County residents brings that pandemic total to 225, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control data shows.

     Another 145 Horry residents have tested positive for the virus since Thursday, the DHEC data shows, bringing that pandemic total to 12,954.

     Two of the Horry COVID deaths were reported by DHEC Friday, the others on Saturday, and all involved elderly individuals. Three of the four died on Nov. 19, the other on Nov. 20. Another two elderly Horry deaths were listed as “probable” COVID deaths by the state health agency.

     Five of the newly reported COVID cases since Thursday are from the Loris Zip Code, the DHEC data shows, one from Green Sea. Pandemic COVID case totals for those Zip Codes are 735 for Loris, 73 for Green Sea.

South Carolina has recorded 192,645 COVID cases during the pandemic, 3,974 deaths, those numbers up by 1,530 and 26 respectively since Friday.

     Statewide 816 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus Saturday, that number up by 8 from Friday.

Columbus coronavirus case count up by 85 in two days

     Another 85 Columbus County residents have tested positive for COVID-19 since Thursday, NC Department of Health and Human Services data showed Saturday, with an outbreak at Tabor Correctional Institution helping to fuel those numbers.

     Zip Code data from DHHS revealed that a third COVID associated death of a county resident, reported by the Columbus County Health Department Thursday, involved a Riegelwood area individual.

     That brings the pandemic total of Columbus County COVID infections to 2,430, with 70 associated deaths.

     Zip Code data showed 25 of the newly confirmed cases from Thursday in the Tabor City area, which includes TCI. That data also showed 32 newly confirmed COVID cases from the Whiteville area, which includes Columbus Correctional Institution, which has reported a smaller outbreak that would not account for all of the new cases.

     Tabor City has recorded 710 COVID cases with 21 associated deaths during the pandemic, the DHHS data showed, Whiteville with 728 cases and 16 associated deaths.

     Columbus County Schools reported five students testing positive for the virus during the week, and a staff member at the district office in Whiteville. Two of those students were from Williams Township School, one each from South Columbus High, West Columbus High, and Cerro Gordo Elementary schools. None of those student cases involved close contact with other students, with no quarantines required, district spokesman Kelly Jones said.

     Two school district employees were placed in quarantine due to contact with the central office employee who contracted the virus, Jones said.

     North Carolina recorded 3,415 new COVID infections Saturday, and 21 associated deaths, bringing those pandemic totals to 332,261 and 5,005 respectively. Statewide 1,590 people were hospitalized due to the coronavirus, hospitalizations up by 19 from Friday.


     Look for continuing coverage on local impacts from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak here and in the Tabor-Loris Tribune in print and online.