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Yam Festival, largely, returns Oct. 23


     Pandemic considerations have delayed a formal decision on if, and how to hold the North Carolina Yam Festival at Tabor City.

     In large the festival will return for 2021, festival directors decided this week, a news release from the festival said Thursday.

    (Full disclosure, this writer is a member of the festival board.)

     “With safety in mind, certain events within the festival may not take place due to precautionary measures,” the news release said. “As we welcome festival go-ers, we appreciate the importance of community-wide support in doing this as safely as possible.

     “We would like to encourage everyone attending the festival to wear a mask (especially when in crowds), sanitize your hands often, and please socially distance yourselves at all times.

     “Helpful tip: Plan to have your mask readily available and put a travel size of hand sanitizer in your purse, pocket, etc.

     Directors and event chairs are volunteers, and some events and/or locations may require mask wearing and social distancing.

     “If you are not comfortable attending any event or the festival at large, we understand and hopefully, we will see you next year,” the news release said. “Remember, if YOU so CHOOSE to attend the festival, please be respectful and mindful of those around you so we may all enjoy A YAM GOOD TIME!”

     For specific festival details call 910-377-3248.

     To view the entire news release click here.