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Hearing on sheriff’s race set for March 25


     A hearing into protests in last November’s Columbus County Sheriff’s race has been scheduled for Monday, March 25.

     Board of Elections will meet beginning at 1 p.m., the agenda to include appointing county boards of elections and other routine matters, with the consideration of protests brought by Nancy Hill and Gloria Smith the final scheduled item.

     Board Chair Robert Cordle, in a Feb. 28 order, had said the meeting would take place during the week of Feb. 18, the specific date to be announced “after I have confirmed the availability of our members.”

     Initially set for Monday of this week, the hearing was delayed to give attorney’s time to gather additional evidence, which must be submitted by March 11.

     More on the background and additional details of this story can be found in today’s, and next week’s, Tabor-Loris Tribune, in print and online.